College Preparatory Music Theory

This course is designed for OYO high school students interested in taking music theory at the college level. Concepts learned will help students succeed on music theory placement exams that are typically administered to incoming freshmen by most college music programs. This course will also prepare students for the AP Music Theory exam offered each May. Topics covered include key signatures, intervals, triads, Roman numeral analysis, sight-singing, melodic dictation and music analytical skills. Tuition fees announced each fall.

Basic Music Theory

This class will teach OYO students the basic building blocks of music. Students will sing and spell intervals, scales and chords, as well as learn about key signatures, rhythmic notation in simple and compound meters, and figured bass notation. Students will also learn to analyze music using Roman numerals, and hear and understand basic musical forms. Throughout, students will reinforce their new knowledge with ear training. Tuition fees announced each fall.

Classes are taught in collaboration with Oakland University School of Music, Theater and Dance professors based on enrollment. Contact OYO for additional information.