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In addition to their orchestra participation, OYO students may elect to participate in the chamber ensembles program. OYO’s Chamber ensembles offer an opportunity for students to further their craft in a smaller, intimate, and ultimately more independent environment. Whether an experienced instrumentalist searching to expand musical horizons or a beginner excited to perform with a different type of group, Chamber Ensembles are a fantastic way for young musicians to grow in tandem with their peers.

Under the close direction of Oakland University Music Faculty, OYO Conductors, and local music educators, small classes of 3-5 students work to hone a wide variety of traditional repertoire integral to their artistic development. Students work on a wide variety of techniques, aiming to blend sound, control tempo, perfect intonation, and ultimately tell stories with their music.

At the conclusion of their semester, students participate in a dedicated Chamber Ensemble’s Concert. Additionally, participation in often leads to additional performance opportunities via OYO’s Outreach program.

More Details:

Audition and Commitment:  

 Students audition in October and are placed into a chamber group according to instrument and ability.  Chamber Ensembles are offered for one 12-week semester – November thru mid-March.


Symphony and Philharmonia Orchestra Students: Thursdays 5:30 – 6:45pm at Varner Hall

Studio String and String Orchestra Students: 5:30 – 6:30pm or 7-8pm at University Presbyterian Church

Tuition: $150.00*

*Tuition Subject to change.