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We Are OYO

United by their love of music, over 350 elementary through high school students from southeast Michigan come together each week to fulfill their desire to deepen their musical experience.

Through our four-tiered orchestra program, we teach, guide, and foster musical growth in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

We laugh, we play – literally.

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Through our weekly rehearsals and concert performances, OYO students develop lifelong skills of teamwork, commitment, organization and musicianship. We support a high level of musical advancement within a supportive environment.

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Support OYO

Supporters play an essential part in the OYO community. OYO charges a modest tuition that covers approximately 60% of its operating expenses. We rely on sponsors and donors to further support our prestigious orchestra program and enable OYO to offer essential opportunities.

We invite you to join supporters, past and present, that have helped OYO become the premier education program it is today!