Tuition Fees

Studio String Orchestra

$300 a year; $25 is non-refundable after August 30th.

String, Philharmonia, and Symphony Orchestras:

$350 a year; $25 is non refundable after August 30th.

Tuition may be paid using our flexible payment plan. Contact us to make arrangements.

Tuition fees cover only part of OYO operating expenses such as salaries, music purchase and rental, and concert expenses. For this reason we ask parents and families to volunteer their time and talents to the Orchestra. There are a variety of ways to meet this commitment such as ushering at concerts and helping with publicity. The time commitment for some volunteer jobs is as little as 1 hour. Parents are required to volunteer at least once per season or pay a $50 opt-out fee.

Financial Aid

    Through OYO SCORE we endeavor to reach talented young musicians from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds in our community who wish to embrace the challenges of learning and performing orchestral music. Qualifying students may receive a full tuition scholarship.
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  • Tuition Aid: OYO provides tuition aid based on financial need. Upon acceptance into one of the OYO orchestras, students may apply for partial or full tuition aid. OYO is committed to helping every student member in need of financial aid. click here to log in and download the tuition aid application. Completed Tuition Aid applications must be received by August 30th and approved by the Board prior to the start of rehearsals.